Unbroken Christian Lineage

WEIGHING THE EVIDENCE: From the New Testament lineage streams and the witnesses that preserved Christianity's Unbroken Manuscript Chain-of-Custody (UM-CoC). See the NEW CHARTED EVIDENCE!

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Additional Information:
Early Torchbearer Christians were to carry and preserve the truth of God's Word and impart the Torch of knowledge, information, and truth to others even when it often resulted in their suffering or death. But was there an ancient unbroken lineage for these groups? Or an unbroken chain-of-custody for the manuscripts they protected? Would all of these early followers of Christ have joined with Rome in the three-hundred A.D. era, or did they survive as separate independent groups? If they did survive as independent groups, did their manuscript text and understanding differ from others as time progressed? It is through these vilified and persecuted Early Torchbearer Christian groups known as the Waldenses, Albigenses, Leonists, Cathari, Puritans, Piphles, Patarines, Lollards, Valdensian Christians, etc. that will enable us to answer many important questions, including the question that launched the series, which is "what is the most reliable Bible and why?". The Torchbearer Series covers many more topics than just this. We seek to equip you in understanding the most important core Christian information that is crucial to understand in order to accurately study the word of God. Please see TheTorchbearerSeries.com for additional information as well as extra downloads including Page Briefings, supplemental lecture notes, charts, diagrams, and even possible college credits for completing the three-part audio-video lectures.

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